David Amram
Composer, Conductor & Multi-Instrumentalist

David Amram receives The Spirit of Farm Aid Award

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David in Feasterville, PA 1937 + at Farm Aid Pittsburg, PA 2017

A note from David

On Farm Aid Eve I was honored to be the recipient of this new annual award from Farm Aid, where I have played 25 different times since Farm Aid 3 in Lincoln Nebraska in 1987, as a guest performer with Willie Nelson and his great band. It is really inspiring to see how Farm Aid continues to inform people about the importance of our family farmers and the farms they maintain, and the responsibility we all have to keep this precious heritage alive. Family farmers feed their own children as well as ours what they grow. And they are the essence of community, where helping one another in times of need, maintaining the basic values of celebrating family, working hard and doing better than expected is a way of life. Family farmers remind us that the environment is a precious gift which can only remain healthy if we each do whatever we can to keep it that way, just as they do every day. The volunteers and the organizers of Farm Aid work 365 days a year, acting as a gyroscope to bring some balance our society and it is an honor as well as a joy to try to make a little contribution to this unique organization which is now stronger than ever, providing hope for a new generation who believe that high ideals can become an everyday reality!