David Amram
Composer, Conductor & Multi-Instrumentalist

April 7, 2016

Senator Bernie Sanders For President

As the Bernie Sanders campaign now reaches Pennsylvania, the state where I was born and New York, the state where I have lived for the last 60 years, I hope voters will look long and hard before voting and study his record over the course of his public career.

He is someone who walks the walk he talks and shows courage and compassion for the welfare of all of us. He never abandoned his Brooklyn roots and his innate soulfulness. He emanates decency and commitment to having us all join hands to work together to build a better America

As I approach my 86th year I have seen a lot of candidates. He is one of the few I can ever remember who shows sincerity, decency and the daring to tell the truth. And as the father of three children and grandfather of one, our young people deserve to have someone in charge of our country who cares about them and their future, and who has been brave enough his whole life to fight for what he knew was right for all of us.

We can all be proud that someone like Bernie Sanders is here and willing to work for all of us. We owe it to our families and the future of the country to go out and vote.

David Amram,
Beacon, NY